Moxie means having cleverness, skill, creativity, fortitude and cajones to navigate a difficult situation.

Distract Workplace Distractions

You may have thought this is an article about combating workplace distraction and boosting productivity? It is, but with a twist! Our office has a couple of extra 'interns' this fall, and while they need our attention, so do you! It turns out there is a real need to keep family members, visitors, and distance [...]

Best Page Conversion Strategies

If you are like us, it's important that the effort you put into your website gets seen, provides solutions, and helps you grow your business. Across all sectors of successful content writing, you will find the same elements and strategies that encourage your visitors to engage with your content and hopefully with you! Your customer [...]

Export Etsy Order Info With Email & Full Name

Email marketing is a very important and critical source for both lead generation, marketing, and sales. We work with our customers to ensure they have all of the tools necessary to grow their business in ways that directly increase their revenue and sales conversions. This is how Visual Moxie helps. Recently one of our clients [...]

Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Meeting

As a Host, you should plan to facilitate your virtual meeting a little more actively than you might for in person meetings. Online meetings require higher levels of facilitation than in-person discussions. Whoever is hosting the meeting will need to play an active role in moving the conversation along and granting time or pauses for [...]

Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Virtual Meeting

We know it can be intimidating to create an online or virtual meeting place for the first time so we have gathered tips and suggestions that should be helpful for hosting your first virtual meeting. As with all Visual Moxie guides and tutorials, we offer these ideas and resources simply as tips and suggestions to [...]

WordPress Footer Monster Plugin

This custom WordPress plugin is for bits of code that you want loaded in the footer of your site you don’t want stored in your database or need a little more control of where you want certain snippets to live. To install this plugin, copy the code below and name it footer-monster.php and upload it […]

Monitor Calibration

Is your monitor calibrated? You should be able to discern each of these different shades of black on a properly calibrated monitor. Let the calibration begin! 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Color Bars for Monitor Calibration The grayscale chart below shows gradations of neutral gray from pure black to [...]

WordPress Published Pages Plugin

This custom WordPress plugin may seem like a bit of overkill, but trust me. When you have a website with many pages that are being set to Draft / Publish regularly, it’s nice to be able to skip that one click to sort your content by published. To install this plugin, copy the code below […]

Contact Form 7 Conditional Form

  I recently had a need to build a form for a customer to order a VoIP (Voice over IP) service. There were two options for the service. Either they could buy an actual phone or they could buy a virtual phone. I needed a conditional way to present different options for each type and […]

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