Managed Web / Cloud Services

Visual Moxie offers maintenance contracts for any clients that we have designed a website for or for people who have a WordPress site and are in need of WordPress experts who wish to protect the integrity of their website’s security.

Security Maintenance Plan

This is our Full Service Security Plan for clients who make use of customized WordPress plugins or wish to have “worry-free” protection. This plan is billed monthly or yearly with a 12 month minimum for maintenance. This coverage protects your website! This Moxie Maintenance monthly service fee provides you with the peace of mind that your site is being monitored, ensuring the technical health of your site.

Our full service website maintenance plan also includes any programming, design, and marketing modifications that are necessary for the functionality of your website.

Covered in our Moxie Maintenance Plan (full-service insurance policy) would be:

  • CMS Core Updates: Update your site whenever there is an update to Word Press or Plugins. This ensures that your site always has the latest security patches in place.
  • Plugin Updates: Updating your Plugins wherever it is needed.
  • Backups: Backing up your site, before we make any changes, so if anything “breaks” your site can easily be rolled back to a stable condition while Visual Moxie researches a suitable solution to any conflicts at no additional cost to you.
  • Security Audits: We proactively monitor your website file system to ensure your content remains free from malware.

We are your resource partner capable of supporting your IT department and Marketing team towards your long-term success, not just to put out fires.

Backup to the Cloud

All clients wishing to have remote backups must register for their own Dropbox account. Get your Free Account Here and Get Started Now!



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A word of caution:

If you opt out of this maintenance contract and need a fix to your site, there is a starting $500 emergency fix fee and no guarantee that Visual Moxie will be able to “fix” your site without having to rebuild it. In this case, any repairs or updates would be subject to our standard hourly rate.

My mama always said, “it’s better to be safe than sorry!” The maintenance plans are optional; however your site is at RISK of breaking or becoming outdated, or even worse, hacked. While clients can install updates on their own, it is not recommended without adequate Word Press training. For those opting not to sign up for a maintenance contract or any maintenance services, I would recommend that you educate yourself to the risks involved in leaving your site “as is” or “self hosted” versus carrying out updates without adequate experience or training. There are sites designed to help Do-It-Yourselfer’s, and I would recommend you get comfortable backing up your site before installing any updates, as conflicts may arise and “break” your site.

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