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Visual Moxie designs, prints, and publishes all forms of media. From business cards, banners, magazines, and vinyl car decals.

Corporate Identity / Branding

Visual Moxie is internationally recognized for its innovative corporate identity design. Visual Moxie is featured in LogoLounge3 as well as two of the LogoLounge Master Series.

Our corporate identity process incorporates your company’s mission and your company’s identity by creating a logo (or updating your existing logo). We build upon your vision and apply your identity throughout your business, from letterhead, business cards, signage, social media, and your website.

Visual Moxie Branding Logo Design Austin
Business card design

Print Collateral

At Visual Moxie we offer a wide range of services in the “print collateral” arena. What this means for you and your business is that with one company you can have your logo created setting up your corporate image and carrying that thru all of your business cards, letterheads and any other collateral you can think up!

We understand the goals you are trying to achieve and the image you want to portray. The importance of a consistent look and feel throughout all of your collateral is key to achieving an omni-marketing brand.

A well conceptualized design process is a company’s biggest asset. It’s an invincible marketing tool with consistent, recognizable design. Visual Moxie provides all of your collateral needs from business cards, stationery through signage!

  1. Creative Survey – We send you a form or setup a conference call to help gather information about your company, project, products, services, color styles, reference pieces, etc.
  2. Team Huddle – We put together an internal team specifically matched to your project. Including an Account Manager and graphic designer. Depending on the task at hand, we may bring in other team members who’s involvement may be necessary on related portions of the project.
  3. First Presentation – The Account Manager will send you five to seven design concepts, typically in black-and white. You review those concepts and then provide us feedback. This presentation often happens over screen-share, phone, or Skype.
  1. Revision / Refining – Based on your feedback, the team will then get to work on revising, refining, and finalizing the design. Once those changes are completed we will re-submit it for a second review.
  2. Final Tweaks – Visual Moxie always offers to work with our clients until they are 100% satisfied with the design.
  3. Approval – Once you approve the design, we export the files in various editable formats for you to keep. Final payment is due at the end of the approval stage.
  4. Delivery – Upon receipt of final payment, Visual Moxie will deliver all files to you.

Branding & Identity

  • Strategic Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery Sets
  • Brochures
  • Flyers & Postcards
  • Posters


  • Presentation Boxes
  • Tee Shirt Design
  • Product Inserts
  • Bottle Design
  • Wine Label Design
  • Bags & Totes

Necessary Ephemera

  • Red carpet step and repeat
  • Magazine Layout
  • Catalogs
  • Investor Reports
  • Publication Ads
  • Book Covers


Whether you want Facebook Retargeting or a simple posting plan, we can help!

A few items you may have questions about:

Do I get to keep my "raw" project files?

Yes, of course – sometimes?

This is a tricky question to answer. Imagine you are having an issue with the plumbing in your home. You call a plumber and they fix the issue. At this point you can ask to keep the old parts, but if you asked to keep the tools used to fix the issue, you would surely expect a ‘nope!’

With some types of creative processes, we use ‘paid assets’ whose ownership is not transferable to our clients. However, in the case of ‘RAW’ camera photos, then yes, sure – you can have those, but again, they’ll lack the Photoshop color corrections, blemish removal, and many other aspects that make a photo look great once the editing is completed. With a ‘logo’ file, again, the finished creative art IS the ‘work-in-progress’ finally transformed into the final logo. If you have the logo, then you actually have the working file as well. We’re happy to discuss this with you at depth and like we said first off, Yes, of course you can have it – sometimes.

Do you 'mark up' your printing fees?

Nope! However occasionally, there may be final tweaks to a project file that must be made before it can print properly – in which case, those fees would be billed as part of the project and not added onto the cost of printing.

Are print graphics also good for Social Media?

Typically, no. Imagine a 8 x 11 inch graphic squeezed down to the size of your palm. In many cases, the ‘fine print’ on a full size flyer would not be human readable on a mobile device. This reverse of this holds true as well. Social Media graphics would look enormously cartoonish if they were printed the size of a flyer. For this reason we will often build complimentary layouts of print pieces which will deliver the maximum marketing effect for Social engagement.

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