This custom WordPress plugin is for bits of code that you want loaded in the footer of your site you don’t want stored in your database or need a little more control of where you want certain snippets to live.

To install this plugin, copy the code below and name it footer-monster.php and upload it to your Plugins folder on your WordPress website. After you activate it, your pasted code will automatically be live on your site.

Plugin Name: VM Footer Monster
Plugin URI: https://www.visualmoxie.com/
Description: This plugin ads various scripts to the to the footer of your website. Add your code directly to the plugin PHP file in your plugins folder.
Author: Tom McGuire
Version: 2.019
License: GPLv2
Author URI: https://www.visualmoxie.com/
function footer_monster() {
Paste your java-script or any other content you need loaded in the footer of your site.

add_action( 'wp_footer', 'footer_monster' );