Social Media Managed Services

Building your brand on social media is more than posting photos and memes. It’s engaging and interacting with your community, fans, and market for the purpose of getting your viewers eyes on your business.

Visual Moxie Social Media Types


Visual Moxie examines the best social media platforms, tools and techniques related to your unique business and industry. We help you focus in on your ideal audience and assist with deployment your social messages to your visitors as well as influencers who will not only buy from you, but increase your brand’s popularity across social channels as well.


Our social media strategies include publishing your campaigns across relevant platforms to reinforce a unified brand image that resonates well with social media consumers. From time to time we will presents you with data or metrics to guide your day-to-day planning and decision making to bring social media to the forefront of your online lead generation and sales conversion pipeline.

Participating in the online social realm and actively promoting your content places you directly into the Internet of Things ecosystem, opens new entry points for Google and other search engines to find you, and greatly improves your SEO and SERP.

Network Building

Visual Moxie knows Social. Building an attractive social profile that represents your business is extremely important. We show you how to use the latest tools and technologies to convert more leads through your social media pages without expending much additional effort.

Audience Engagement

Get more comments. Get more likes. Get more shares. Get more fans. Our experience and constant testing of new methods of engaging and growing social media, keeps us agile. All of this experience is brought to your project – no on the job learning. We provide valuable insight into what your competitors are doing to increase their brand and identity across the social landscape.

Social Media Strategy Visual Moxie Design Creative Agency


Social media coaching sessions are available on an hourly basis where you learn how to structure your brand direction, purpose, and effective execution of a social media strategy. Visual Moxie is truly passionate about teaching social media.
All of our social media growth services are customized to meet your needs and your budget.
Below is a standard example of what is included.

Facebook Business Page Maintenance

  • Create and find content to share related to your industry
  • Gather information from you and other external resources
  • Respond to Comments and other engagement opportunities
  • Post Events, Videos, Updates, etc . as provided
  • Minor Maintenance of Custom Facebook Tabs

Instagram Business Page Maintenance

  • Create and curate content related to clients industry
  • Monitor and implement hashtags based on client campaign
  • Grow brand awareness and account followers

Social Media Setup

  • Create/SEO Social Networking Profiles
  • Import your existing contact lists
  • Establish website API integrations

LinkedIn Maintenance

  • Join Groups and Invite Members to Professional Network
  • Confirm Connection Requests and Email Thank You letter
  • Post PowerPoint Presentations, Article, Events, Video
  • Create and manage business page
  • On-board and coach staff with LinkedIn best practices

Influencing and growth services start at $400 per month.

Increasing awareness of your brand, products and services through strategic use of Social Media is the best way to increase your bottom line and build raving fans!
* Hourly and Flat Fee payment options are also available.

If you haven't done these yet, go do them right now!

Do you have LinkedIn and Facebook tracking codes already installed?

The Facebook tracking pixel is a tool that allows us to properly target and even re-target past and first time visitors to your website via Facebook’s advertising tools. LinkedIn has a similar even more targeted advertising tool that we will integrate into your website as well.

Have you tested audiences in the past?

Knowing your target audience and key performance indicators (KPI) are very important to successfully running an advertising campaign. Having access to historical audience testing makes narrowing down these segments quicker and easier.

Do you need advice on your Landing Page?

Yes, there are many different kinds of landing pages. While this may seem like a simple thing to do, we promise, there is a psychology behind the way they are built. Additionally, some advertising agencies review landing pages to ensure they are following their guidelines. Knowing the in’s and out of how an ad campaign ties into a successfully converting landing page is what puts Visual Moxie ahead of other agencies.

Do you have research you are currently conducting?

We hope the answer is YES! – and we want to be right there with you. Bringing together your research and our experience ensures your team is on track and we can properly execute your vision.

We're ready to help you achieve your business goals.

With well over 15 successful years of creating stunning websites and happy customers, you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.
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