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Pushrod Consulting

Corporate Identity & Website Development

Pushrod Consulting is a full-service market research company. Their project began with the creation of their logo which is featured in the latest LogoLounge Master Series “Shapes and Symbols”  in the innovative design category. Their website look and feel was created based on their logo design and features an easy to use CMS and blogging capabilities for their news and events.

Corporate Identity


Website Design


My experience with Visual Moxie was fantastic from the start. VM’s designs are clear, crisp, and elegant. The VM team was attentive and responsive to our business requirements, both in its conceptual and website work. Visual Moxie’s final website design streamlined our core competencies and made it easier for clients to understand the range of our products and services. Additionally, you can tell that VM administrators enjoy their work and it shows in their attention to detail, flexibility and positive, energetic attitudes. I highly recommend Visual Moxie Design Studio. – Daniella Martinez, Pushrod Consulting Group