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You may have thought this is an article about combating workplace distraction and boosting productivity? It is, but with a twist!

Our office has a couple of extra ‘interns’ this fall, and while they need our attention, so do you! It turns out there is a real need to keep family members, visitors, and distance learners (when they’re on their breaks) busy while you need to make that important phone call or virtual meeting! Everyone get’s distracted at work – we all know this. Now you have a way to keep the ‘distractors’ distracted!

Visual Moxie understands this conundrum which is why we’re curating a growing list of online games that you, or someone you need to keep busy, can fiddle with when you feel you need a recharge!

  • Archery World Tour

Archery world tour is easy to play and hard to master!

Use your mouse to aim and fire your bow. Hold your left mouse button to draw, and release to fire. The cross-hairs will slowly follow your cursor as you move your mouse. In most levels, you’ll need to pay attention to the wind speed and direction if you want to hit the bullseye.

  • Cannon Basketball 4

Go after the stars first!

Use your mouse to aim and shoot the cannon. Move your mouse further from the cannon to make a more powerful shot. Use the guide to get a ball into the net with as few attempts as possible!

  • UFO Run – The Castle  Tower

One Button – Full Blast!

There’s only one button here! Click to jump with your jetpack. Let go to fall back down. Unlock achievements and level up to go for a high score!

  • Zombie Launcher – Winter Season

Bodies flying all over the place!

Your goal is to hit all the happy faces with zombies.

To launch a zombie, click in the general direction of where you want the zombie to go. The further away you click, the faster the zombie will fly!

  • Sushi Slicer

Feel the power of the Sushi master!

Click and drag your mouse to slice the flying objects in half! Drop 3 objects and the game is over. But watch out for the bombs!

  • Space Rescue

Timing is everything.

Click and drag the blue orb to create a path for your spaceship. Rescue all of the astronauts before reaching the end of the path. Don’t let UFOs or asteroids hit your ship!

  • Word Search

Never go full Maniac!

Click and drag over a word to check it off the list. Set the game difficulty in the options menu to change the directions that the words are in. Want to up the challenge? Try timing your word search or hiding your word list. Looking to make the puzzle even harder? Try Maniac Mode!

  • Bob the Robber

This game is all about the details!

Use the arrow keys to move Bob. Press up to look inside of objects to find money. Press space to knock out enemies when they are close. Reach the goal in each level and escape safely!

TIP: Use the shop to buy valuable upgrades.

  • Block the Pig!

This game way harder than it seems!

Your goal is to build walls around the pig to keep him from escaping. Click on a tile to place a block there. Keep placing blocks until you’ve surrounded the pig. Don’t let it get to one of the edge tiles!

  • Bronze Age

Play strategically if you want to survive!

This game is really cool, but it’s really hard if you don’t know what you’re doing! Make sure you play through the tutorial so you know how to play. Your goal is to grow your civilization, keep it safe, and build a world wonder. If you don’t know what to do, try starting a new game on the easiest difficulty. It’s still not that easy!

  • Pizza Ninja

The finger is mightier than the sword!

Drag the mouse to slice the food. Get three or more in one slice for a combo bonus! Make sure to dodge the bombs, and don’t let any food hit the ground!

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