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If you are like us, it’s important that the effort you put into your website gets seen, provides solutions, and helps you grow your business. Across all sectors of successful content writing, you will find the same elements and strategies that encourage your visitors to engage with your content and hopefully with you!

Your customer is visiting your site because they are seeking a solution for one of the big three categories that drives all engagements. Wants, needs, and fears! This is your chance to shine. To be useful and to help your visitor understand you can help.

You need to bring it all!

  • Experience (trust) eases Fears (unknown)
  • Benefits (value) validates Wants (dreams)
  • Features (solutions) fulfills Needs (answers)
Value Proposition Diagram

How do you let your customer know that you really mean it? This is where the rubber meets the road for many of us. Setting up a structure for content writing with a focus on engagement and conversion can be a daunting task. Our outline below provides a clear path to increasing your engagement as well as a strategy to follow which enables you to produce more focused content.

Preparing your content for the highest conversion rate

  • State the visitors concern:

What is the pain point your visitor needs help with. What issue does your solution address?
This first impression is what matters most. This is where you show extreme empathy with your customer and let them clearly know that you are on their side and understand what their needs are. This is also a value proposition or your elevator pitch. This can be done is several ways including framing the ‘concern‘ in a positive manner that lets them know you’re here to help. A simple format for writing a value proposition is “We help X do Y by doing Z.”

Example: Save Money Without Thinking About It, Be More Productive at Work with Less Effort.

  • State the solution:

What sure fire solution do you have for the concern outlined above?
This is where you can expand on your value proposition. Explain at a top level the benefit you bring to the concern. You can talk about HOW you do this but you don’t need to reveal your METHODS.

Example: We have a proven method where we use experience and software to get results, Our workflow is is fast, easy and high quality.

  • State the options:

What are the tools or variety of solutions that can solve the visitor’s needs?
This is where you get to showcase your products and services. Be sure to include WOW images and any videos that demonstrate how well your solutions work. Visuals are very important at this point. It lets the visitor see behind the veil of words. These solutions should be within the scope of the needs the visitor needs answers for. Keep it focused and direct.

Example: We have a PDF workbook, Audio Book and Support forums, Product Level 1 is great for beginners, We have a live seminar showing you how to, We offer digital printing, custom framing, and free shipping.

Of course you should include any images or graphics that demonstrate the benefits of your service or product. Just keep them focused with the goal of moving your visitor to an opportunity of calling, clicking, or adding to cart.

  • Ask for the SALE!

Seriously! Straight up ask them to click the button.
Just like the famous Wayne Gretzky said “You miss every shot you don’t take.” This is your chance to directly ask your visitor to engage.

Example: Click to call Tom, Product photo with an add-to-cart button, a simple contact form so you can immediately get back to them.

  • State your qualifications:

How long have you been doing this? What brands can you leverage that resonate with the customer?
This important step signals to the visitor that you are involved or affiliated with other recognizable brands who aren’t competitors but demonstrate your stability and places you at a market level your visitor is comfortable with.

Example: Show some social reviews, Partnership logos, Certifications

  • Privacy Statement:

Security and data ownership.
A top level explanation of how the customer’s information is kept secure, or even how it will be used often layers on that little extra level needed to let the visitor know you are looking out for them.

Example: SSL Certification badges, GDPR and cookie options, marketing and communications settings.

While this step isn’t necessary, data privacy and ownership is quickly coming into focus as a necessary question that your visitors want answers. It’s often best to be pro-active than re-active.

  • Ask for the sale again:

How long have you been doing this? What brands can you leverage that resonate with the customer?
Your visitor now has a complete overview of what your relationship looks like. You are a solution provider who understands their needs! Double-down on the ‘ask.’

Example: Similar to above.

Page conversion strategy thoughts.

While there is no 100% perfect way to guarantee that a visitor will ‘add to cart’ you should certainly structure your content to build the trust and confidence to engage with you. The strategy we follow is rarely exactly as we’ve just outlined, but it is a fast track to doing the hard task of producing content.

Remember: We are more than a creative agency, we also develop various integrated marketing solutions that help to bring your business to life.

Shoot us an email, we’re happy to help!

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