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Bell of Lost Souls is a world class RPG reporting website and table top gaming blog that is 100% ad supported. The project had many goals and many hurdles to overcome. The website theme needed to be made responsive and required a lot of testing to ensure the other features of the website were being properly managed – speed and performance on mobile was a focus.

Engagement on the site is what drives the continued production of their quality posts and content. Several different approaches were implemented using Disqus due to the infinite scrolling category pages. Infinite scroll with Disqus is sort of a ‘Unicorn’ thing – and we achieved it! However final integration of Disqus was handled differently to increase speed of page loads and decrease CPU usage on mobile devices where battery life is a concern. Posts with exceptional engagement were flagged with a little ‘flame’ next to them to indicate they were ‘hot topics.’

Ad placement and Viewability was a principle concern.  The better the placement the greater the viewability. Proper ad viewport cleanup and delayed loading was achieved with jQuery.

Many other nuanced solutions and custom php library integrations were used with the project.



As with many of the projects we work on, they often have many many elegant integrations and a list of features longer than your arm! Here are just a few.

  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design Conversion
  • jQuery Ad create and destroy
  • Infinite Scroll with Ads
  • Ad Viewability Increased
  • Increased Pageviews Per Session
  • Various Disqus integrations
  • Speed optimizations

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