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1. You Design It

Austin 3D Printing Service

Get free feedback to detect any design issues with your model before production starts. All file uploads are secured.

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Austin 3D Printing Service

We’ll send you a quote and lead times. What you see is what you pay. No surprises! You parts will then be sent to production.

3. You Receive It

Austin 3D Printing Service

We ship USPS Priority mail with tracking. Global shipping options are also available.



Prototypes and proof-of-concept 3D prints are essential for designers wishing to make their visions a reality. Nothing communicates a new product design like a tangible model. Visual Moxie utilizes the Form 2 3D printer giving designers the capability to make precisely fit models with the look and feel of a final product.


Whether you’re interested in printing your ZBrush model, or designing your own Warhammer 40K desktop gaming environments, our 3D printing service can help! Game designers and character modelers use our services and our high resolution Form 2 for their printed parts. The smooth surface finish and low cost lower the barrier to you holding your art in your own hands!

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