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Language of Listening

Corporate Identity & Website Development/Ecommerce

Language of listening offers a great way to teach your children. Our goal was to create a complete identity, both online and for print. The project includes eCommerce, YouTube Video feed. Twitter, FaceBook, as well as other Social Networking integration. RSS subscription services as well as email newsletter subscription and marketing services. A live version of their book is available to read online as well as full blog capabilities. Both PayPal and Amazon Associates integration provided as well.

Corporate Identity


Website Design


Kirsten and Tom really listen! They asked what we wanted for our new website’s look and feel, added their Visual Moxie magic, and produced a logo and website that completely conveys who we are at a glance. I still get happy every time I look at it! And it works! New clients from all over the world are finding us.

Right away they felt like partners; by the end of the project they were our friends. We feel lucky to have found them! – Sandy Blackard, Founder