This collection is mainly focused on flyer design. This represents some of the most recent work produced with a heavy focus on Mortgage. With that in mind, please see the websites on this page as well to see a wider range of styles and solutions. For a full list of skills, talents, and general Marketing hackery, please give me a call at 512-547-7521. I would love the opportunity to impress you!

List of sites

Georgetown Rail
Solar Window 
Salida Palace Hotel
 Powerstone PM 
Mortgage Website Pro
 Good Earth Farm School
GMR Law Firm
 Georgetown Mortgage
 Fossil Bluff
 City Computer
 Alliance Exposition

Booklet Layout Example


Video Production Example

About 30 of these style of videos were made for key sales team members. Aerial Drone video and nation wide travel were required to complete these.


Flyer Samples

These flyers are a sample of working different DBA’s in the Mortgage industry. Additionally, producing collateral that is highly localized for different markets was a top focus.

Logos / Branding

Logos and Branding are of particular importance when working with clients as it set the tone and direction for the rest of the the projects.

Business Cards

Business cards are a ‘big deal’ to a sales team. Often it’s the first impression a client experiences. These examples show working with DBA’s of a company can sometimes require a similar look so that the DBA can have ownership of their name and also look similar to the Corporate brand identity.